Woman sitting in corner of desk on floorDepression can feel like you’re carrying a heavy weight all day and night. You’re trying to make it seem like you can handle it, but you know at any minute, you may drop it. You may spiral out of control.

If you’re struggling with depression, seeking additional support is crucial for treatment. If you’re currently working with a therapist or looking into therapy, we’re here to help.

Not interested in medication? Don’t worry! These are some ways you can treat depression without medication. And if you continue to struggle, you may choose to try medication later!

Find a Routine

Depression can impact your daily life and routine in a negative way. You may notice that your sleeping and eating habits haven’t been consistent. Try to take back control of your schedule again. Your routine will look different from a friend’s or family member’s. Set a routine that works for you and your life, and stick with it.

Prioritize Your Sleep

Depression can cause you to have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep at night, which can cause more complications with your energy levels during the day. You should be aiming for at least eight hours of sleep each night. Try to go to bed around the same time each night and wake up at the same time each morning.

Fuel Your Body Properly

Healthy SaladWhen it comes to eating habits, you should be eating at least three to five meals each day. Your depression may be causing you to undereat or overeat. Try to eat meals that are well-balanced, healthy, and nutritious.

Move Your Body

Exercise is proven to help reduce stress, boost your mood, and improve your overall mental health and wellness. Moving your body doesn’t have to mean spending hours on end at the gym or just crossing off another task on your to-do list. You can find ways to move your body in ways or through activities that you actually get enjoyment out of.

Hit up the gym with a friend. Run on a treadmill. Go for a walk around your neighborhood. Sign up for a sand volleyball league. Find activities that you enjoy doing and aim to move your body for at least thirty minutes each day.

Reduce Your Stress

While exercise is a great way to naturally reduce your stress, it’s not the only activity that can reduce the stress that you’re carrying. If exercise isn’t exactly your cup of tea, that’s okay too. Here are some different things you can try to reduce your stress in other ways:

  • Deep breathing
  • Disconnect from your phone
  • Listen to music
  • Meditation
  • Stretch
  • Yoga

Socialize with Loved Ones

Woman in childs poseYour depression may be making you believe that you’re alone or that you should isolate yourself from others, including loved ones. This isn’t true. You have multiple people in your life like your family, friends, and even your coworkers who care for you and want what’s best for you.

Try not to isolate yourself from others. This can actually cause your depression to worsen over time. Try to surround yourself with people who care about you, who want to support you, and who will lift you up.

Seek Additional Support

Although your depression may be making you believe you’re alone, that certainly isn’t the case. You don’t have to carry this weight all on your own. Working with a licensed and trained mental health professional can help you get on track toward working through your depression and healing over time.

If medication isn’t exactly your thing, that’s completely okay. There are things that you can do on your end or things that your therapist may recommend for you to try out that you may not have though of yet. I’m here to help whenever you’re ready. Reach out to me today to set up a consultation.

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