I am glad you are here. Looking for a therapist who is a good fit can feel overwhelming and frustrating. Taking this first step is courageous and I am here to help!

If you are struggling with the psychological and emotional impact of trauma, anxiety or depression, or living as a highly sensitive person in a world that may feel harsh, therapy can help you heal and create the meaningful, fulfilling life you long for. Together, we can walk the path to finding your health and wholeness.

Are you ready? I invite you to schedule a 20 minute phone consultation at (561) 533-0948 to explore what you need and how I may be able to help.

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Trauma Therapy

Is trauma keeping you from living the life you dream of? If so, you are not alone. Trauma therapy can help you to begin to live your life fully.

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Addiction Counseling

 Have you gotten sober, but life is still a struggle? Addiction counseling can help you heal and begin to build a sober lifestyle that works for you.

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Anxiety Therapy

Does anxiety have a grip on you and keep you from living fully? Do you seem to worry constantly? Are you always on edge or wound up?

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HSP Therapy

Have you been told again and again that you are too sensitive, too emotional, too intense, leaving you feeling like there is something wrong with you? HSP therapy can help you find relief and learn to appreciate your high sensitivity.

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Therapy For Therapists

Are you a therapist who’s struggling with your mental health? The work you’re doing is hard—you deserve to have a place where you can process it with someone else.

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Depression Therapy

Does it ever feel like your life has no meaning or purpose? Are you struggling with a lack of motivation and energy? Depression therapy can help you manage your emotions and reconnect with your purpose.

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