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HSP Therapy

How Can Highly Sensitive People Overcome Sleep Problems?

Your sensitivity levels seem extreme compared to most of your friends and family. They’re not even limited to your thoughts, feelings, or emotions, either. You’re sensitive to lights and sounds. Caffeine and medications seem to hit you a lot harder. Even after hanging out with others, you feel exhausted.

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Here’s Why It’s Crucial for HSPs to Set Boundaries

Do you have a hard time saying no? Are you afraid of disappointing loved ones? Have people told you that you’re too sensitive? If you answered yes to all the above, there’s a good chance you’re a Highly Sensitive Person or HSP. Before you start to worry, being a Highly Sensitive Person is not a bad thing! That being said, everything has positives and negatives associated with them.

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Stopping the Negative Self Talk Train for the HSP

Like many things in life, the way you talk to yourself can become a habit. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes easy to get into a habit of negative self talk, especially if you’re a highly sensitive person (HSP). If you’re a highly sensitive person, you may: notice small details others do not, feel a strong sense of justice, feel more anxious about conflict, struggle to make decisions, and find yourself constantly being a source of emotional support for others. Understandably, this can all be very stressful for the HSP. Over time, you might absorb all the stress and get into a pattern of negative self talk.

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4 Ways Highly Sensitive People Can Practice Self Care

Self-care isn’t selfish. It’s a necessity for everyone. That’s especially true when you’re highly sensitive. But, as a highly sensitive person, your self-care practices might have to look a bit different from what other people commonly do. Things like going out to a restaurant with friends or even heading to the spa might seem overwhelming to you, rather than relaxing.

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Here’s How HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) Traits May Contribute to Your Anxiety

When you’re a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), everyday situations can overwhelm you. Not only do you take on the feelings of others, but you might also struggle with sensory issues.  As an HSP, everything from loud noise, crowds, and even feeling rushed in whatever you’re doing can cause you to become anxious. 

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