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HSP Therapy

Career Paths Suited for Highly Sensitive Individuals

As with anything in life, being a highly sensitive person (HSP) can bring on positives as well as challenges throughout your life, especially within a career. Everyone wants to have their career aligned with the best strengths and assets that they bring to the table. When a highly sensitive person approaches a career, they need to also factor in their sensitivity. It can be challenging for an HSP to find a career that doesn’t overwhelm or overstimulate them from day to day. Are you looking for the best career options as a highly sensitive person? Look no further! Let’s learn more about some of the career paths that may be best suited for highly sensitive individuals.

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Highly Sensitive and High Sensation Seeking: How to Find Balance and Harness Your Strengths

A lot of people think of being sensitive as someone being weak or fragile. In today’s world, sensitivity can be viewed as a negative trait. You may have even heard of phrases in real life or in television shows or movies like “Get over it,” “It’s not that big [...]

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What Is the Difference Between Autism and Being a Highly Sensitive Person?

While sensitivity can manifest in various ways, two terms that frequently come up are “Highly Sensitive Person” (HSP) and “Autism Spectrum Disorder” (ASD). These two conditions, while distinct, share some common traits that can sometimes lead to confusion as to how they are different. Let’s explore.

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Understanding the Difference Between a Sensory Processing Disorder and a Highly Sensitive Person

One of the first things you’re taught about in school is about your five senses. You learn about taste, touch, smell, hearing, and sight. As you grow older, you realize that these five basic senses aren’t given to each individual. Some people are born without the ability to see. Others may lose one of these abilities, like hearing, over time. On the other hand, some individuals may be more in tune with their five senses and even the senses of others. Let’s learn more about the differences between a sensory processing disorder and a highly sensitive person.

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How to Relieve Anxiety as a Highly Sensitive Person

When you’re a highly sensitive person, you have the ability to feel your emotions as well as the emotions of others on a deeper level. As with anything in life, there are positives and negatives to being a highly sensitive person. It shows a great deal of compassion and empathy to be a highly sensitive person. You may be able to pick up on cues that others aren’t able to notice. You also may be able to connect with others in a deeper and more meaningful way. On the other hand, feeling your own emotions as well as the emotions of the other people around you can be extremely overwhelming. Here’s how to relieve anxiety as a highly sensitive person.

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What’s Different About the Brain of a Highly Sensitive Person?

Your friends and family have always said you were a little too sensitive. You’ve been told that it isn’t as big of a deal as you’re making it seem, that you shouldn’t be crying, or to just get over it more times than you can count. If only it were that easy. You can’t just turn it off. You’re not choosing to be this emotional or sensitive, it just happens. It’s who you are. It’s part of your personality. You’re a highly sensitive person. You know you’re different from most of your loved ones with your sensitivity levels and emotions, but in what other ways are you different? Let’s learn more about how a highly sensitive person’s brain is different.

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How to Cope with Anxiety as a Highly Sensitive Person

You have enough on your plate, but you feel the pull to help your friends, family, and co-workers when you know they need it. You can sense when they’re in a good mood versus a bad one. It’s almost as if how they feel radiates onto you and affects your mood as well. You love being able to help your loved ones, but you’d be lying if you said it wasn’t physically and mentally draining. You’re exhausted. If that sounds familiar, here’s how to cope with anxiety as a highly sensitive person.

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Is an HSP the Same as Someone with ADHD Hypersensitivity?

Lights and sounds tend to bother you more than the average person. One cup of coffee seems to have the ability to caffeinate you for a week while your friends drink multiple cups each day. Crowds and large gatherings are overwhelming for you. And even though you enjoy spending time with your friends, family, and loved ones, you feel exhausted afterward. You know that no two people in the world are exactly the same, but you’re curious as to what it is that’s making you feel so different or so sensitive compared to your loved ones. After some research, you narrowed it down to being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) or having Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) hypersensitivity. Is an HSP the same as someone with ADHD hypersensitivity?

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How Can Highly Sensitive People Overcome Sleep Problems?

Your sensitivity levels seem extreme compared to most of your friends and family. They’re not even limited to your thoughts, feelings, or emotions, either. You’re sensitive to lights and sounds. Caffeine and medications seem to hit you a lot harder. Even after hanging out with others, you feel exhausted.

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