Newspaper with coffee and croissant on tableYou’re facing your own internal battle, and now, on top of that, it seems like the world is at war.

Watching TV was your normal go-to that you used as a way to relax and unwind after a long day.

Now, your TV screen and social media feeds are filled with images of war, death, and destruction from the ongoing war with Russia and Ukraine.

Here are some ways you can cope with depression when it seems like the world is at war.

Limit the News

Watching the news can be overwhelming, especially when it’s filled with negative news like what we’ve witnessed lately from the COVID-19 pandemic to politics and now the ongoing war in Ukraine and Russia.

If you’re experiencing anxiety and worry from watching the news, it may be time to limit the news for a bit. You have access to the news via social media, apps, websites, and your TV screen. Sometimes, it can feel like you’re getting too much information.

With today’s technology, you can set time limits or constraints on some apps, which can help you limit the amount of news you’re reading and absorbing each day.

Focus on What You Can Control

War can fill you with a lot of uncertainty, so it’s best to try to focus on what you can control. Make a healthy meal. Prioritize your sleep. Stay hydrated throughout the day. Stay connected by checking in with friends and family.


Woman cutting out image on paperTake care of yourself. Try focusing on things that make you happy. Fill your day with things that bring you joy instead of focusing on the negatives that may be going on in the world. If you enjoy being creative, find time during your day to paint or draw. If you like to stay active, go for a walk, bike ride, or attend a workout class with a friend. You can also reach out to a friend to chat or hang out if you feel the need to connect with someone.

Get Grounded in Nature

Being outside can help you reduce anxiety, depression, and stress naturally. The fresh air has a calming effect, which can help you focus and be present. Go on a walk outside, and you’ll instantly feel better by breathing in the fresh air and feeling the sun.

Count Your Blessings

Counting your blessings can change your outlook. You may have several things in your life that you’re so used to having that you may take them for granted without even realizing it. This might be food, water, shelter, your health, and more.

Practice gratitude. Be thankful for even the small things.

Practice Self-Compassion

Bouquet of daisies arranged on tableGive yourself grace. Be kind to yourself instead of judgemental. You’re doing the best you can.

Allow yourself to feel what you feel and be accepting of that. It’s okay and completely normal to feel down about what’s going on in the world.

Be in tune with your thoughts and feelings. If you’re experiencing anxiety or symptoms of depression, acknowledge it and be kind to yourself.

Get Help

If you start noticing your symptoms of anxiety and depression starting to worsen, you may need to reach out to a counselor or a therapist.

If you are struggling with the psychological and emotional impact of trauma, addiction, anxiety, or depression, therapy can help you heal and create the meaningful, fulfilling life you long for. Together, we can walk the path to finding your health and wholeness. Learn more about treatment for depression here.

Are you ready? I invite you to contact me to schedule a 15-minute phone consultation to explore what you need and how I may be able to help.