Sensitivity is often seen as a weakness. But the reality of the matter is that highly sensitive can often mean highly powerful.

Here are some of the benefits of being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).

HSPs Feel Emotions More Deeply

Emotions basketA highly sensitive person feels and experiences things more deeply. This is something that can be both a blessing and a curse because hard emotions will also be felt on a deeper level as well.

A benefit of being an HSP and feeling emotions more deeply is that when something positive happens, even if it’s something small, happiness will be felt on a deeper level. For HSPs, a positive comment, affirmation, compliment, or meaningful conversation can go a long way.

Hearing a song from their childhood, an unexpected kiss on the cheek from a loved one, or a thought-out and meaningful thank you note can mean the world to a highly sensitive person.

HSPs have the ability to love on a deeper level. They also can experience their friends, family, and loved ones’ love for them on a deeper level.

They are More Empathetic

Empathy and sensitivity go hand in hand. That’s why HSPs tend to be more empathetic than most. HSPs typically will put themselves in someone else’s shoes almost naturally. They’re able to mirror the emotions of others and connect with them instantly.

Due to their increased empathy levels, HSPs make great listeners without any hidden agenda or judgment.

HSPs Can Make Great Leaders

Woman writing on easel in front of group of peopleYou may think that because HSPs are exactly that, highly sensitive, they may not make the best leaders. But this is rarely the case. Sure, there may be someone out there who is an HSP that wouldn’t make the best leader. For the most part, the qualities that HSPs bring to the table are essential to being a great leader. Here are some of those qualities:

  • Emotional awareness
  • Fair treatment
  • Good intuition
  • Increased passion

They Have an Eye for Detail

Another skill that comes naturally for an HSP is being detail-oriented. HSPs often pick up on things that otherwise may go completely unnoticed. This can be a huge benefit for an HSP to excel in those areas that require a little more detail and attention.

HSPs Form Close and Tight Bonds

Highly sensitive people know how to create and form tight bonds. That being said, they may be a little more hesitant to let people in completely. Since an HSP feels on a deeper level, they have to make sure that their energy matches those individuals. HSPs also want to make sure they can be their full and true self around those they get close with. Once they’ve decided the energy is a good match for them, they don’t hold back.

Sure, HSPs love a good conversation and connection, but they truly love putting more of their time and effort into the relationships that are more meaningful and those that they share a deeper bond with.

They Tend to Be More Creative

Man dancing in jeans and sweat jacketJust like empathy and sensitivity, creativity and sensitivity also go hand in hand. Since HSPs experience feelings and emotions on a deeper level, they often try to find ways to express themselves to deal with it all.

More often than not, HSPs will find a creative outlet like art, music, writing, or dance. HSPs can channel their emotions into being creative. Plus, the small details they pick up from the world around them each and every day can be a huge asset to their creative process.

Highly Powerful HSP

As with anything in life, there are positive and negatives to everything. Being a highly sensitive person can be a huge benefit to yourself and those around you.

HSP counseling can help you work through the challenges of being HSP and build on the positives. If you’re interested in learning more about HSPs, contact me today to schedule a complimentary 15 minute consultation call.