How Does Childhood Depression Affect You as an Adult?

Depression is more prominent in children than most people realize. Unfortunately, for kids in today’s society, life isn’t always about fun and games. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have already seen a rapid rise in mental health issues in kids and teens across the country. There are many reasons children can experience depression, from issues at home to bullying, or other external factors that can have a strong impact on their lives.

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What is the Role of Resilience in Addiction Recovery?

Everyone faces hardship at some point. Life is difficult, and people struggle. It’s how everyone handles those challenges that makes a difference. While everyone has to deal with struggles, people who are recovering from substance abuse disorders and addiction may take the cake. Recovery can be one of the most difficult things someone has to go through in a lifetime.

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What to Do if You Encounter These Difficult Situations in Your Addiction Recovery

Recovering from an addiction can be a long and rocky journey. As much as you might want every moment to be smooth and easy, that usually isn’t the case. Real life is still out there, and it’s often filled with difficult situations.

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Spirituality and Addiction Recovery: How The 3-Legged Stool Model Can Help

Spirituality has been used by therapists and counselors across the globe as a construct to help those dealing with mental health issues and addiction. Unfortunately, it’s often hard to conceptualize.